Are You Mobile Friendly?

For those of you that use public transport, take a look around your train or bus and see how many people are browsing the internet on their phones.  Technology in this area has improved far quicker than most other technologies over the past decade as providers strive to increase speed and bandwidth, and the hardware giants fight to sell you new devices with vaslty improved browsing experiences.

In late 2012, google contucted a survey to gauge the publics mobile usage.  From the results at the time, 67% of users stated that they would be more likely to buy a product or service from a business that has a mobile friendly website.  Of more importance, 61% of those surveyed said that they would leave a site that isn't optimised!  Therefore, it is clear that having a mobile friendly website is vital to your business succeeding online.

Some businesses make the decision to create native applications for their websites - which is often costly and not required.  Web technology has advanced to the point where a lot of business online activity can be easily developed and presented via the phones web browser.  In these cases, it is far more cost effective to concentrate your budget, resources and development time to building your website with good presentation across all devices, and therefore focus your efforts on what your customers want.

By concentrating your efforts on fetaures such as speed, clarity, ease of use and access to contact information, your customers will be much more likely to use your services.

Why customers want mobile friendly websites

The development of your mobile site depends on the services and products you provide.  Mobile devices have much smaller screens than desktop browsers, which makes navigating and reading difficult if you have simply shrunk the text to fit - making the user zoom in and scroll around to read the text or see the screen properly is going to put off visitors.

Users will also feel more comfortable purchasing your products if they don't have to download an app to do so, or be redirected to a non mobile friendly e-commerce site.  If your customers can see products, view contact information, and purchase within a few clicks then they will be more likely to purchase!

What can we do?

At Creative Spectrum we offer a few solutions.  We can convert your existing website to be mobile responsive.  Changing your website to be responsive can be a challenge, and in almost all cases requires tweaking by a professional developer, but the result will remove the need for duplicate sets of content for each device or platform.

The other option is to have your website redisigned with mobile responsiveness at the heart.  This can often lead to a lot more business as you advertise your websites make-over or relaunch. 

Regardless of which method of compatability you choose, we test your site on a large number of browsers and devices to ensure that each of your customers receives the best impression of your business.  What looks great on an iPhone might look bad on an iPad.  What works on Firefox might not work on Internet Explorer.

By paying so much attention to different browsers and devices, our efforts to improve your business online will pay big dividends in the future.