Terms And Conditions

  1. A 30% non-refundable deposit of your total balance is required when placing your booking and must be received before any work can commence (refunds are applicable if no work has been undertaken). 
  2. Your balance must be settled when your website is considered complete to your original specifications. At this point you can give us your changes and amendments at no extra charge.
  3. Any changes to your ORIGINAL SPECIFICATIONS are chargeable.
  4. Any work that is commissioned by you, which has been performed, must be paid for.
  5. Future amendments to your website are chargeable at the current going rate. (hourly charge or set charges apply) or on a project basis.
  6. The copyright of your website remains the legal intellectual property of Creative Spectrum until your balance is settled (excluding artwork provided by yourself).
  7. Creative Spectrum are NOT responsible for any technical support for hosting packages that are not supplied by ourselves. 
  8. All websites are designed to be compatible with standard server set-ups. We create and test our services on a range of servers that all host PHP versions 5 & 6. MySQL database versions are 4 & 5. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that any hosting not provided by Creative Spectrum is capable of hosting the site. 
  9. All services provided by Creative Spectrum must be paid for. Non-payment of any service will result in cancellation of ALL services.