Mobile Optimisation

A mobile optimised website is optimised for viewing on all devices, including PC, iPad, iPhone, android, etc, therefore providing the maximum viewing performance for all users.

The main reason you may want to maximise the browsing experience for your visitors is the potential increase in sales.  If your customers find the viewing experience of your site clunky or difficult, they will go elsewhere!

Mobile usage for websites has increased - and continues to increase at a monthly rate.  It has never been more important to ensure your website is viewable on these devices, and easily viewed.  It is no longer the best option to force users to zoom into pages to read them.

This doesn't always mean you need a new website.  We can look at your existing website and can often convert your design to be mobile responsive.  If the design doesn't work as a responsive option, we can develop other solutions for you.


What is Responsive and how does it effect the web?

Responsive websites work by detecting your current screen size and adjusting the content to fit accordingly.  This can mean moving blocks of text, changing menus to drop downs, or providing a completely different layout. Try it with our website, slowly make the browser window width less and you’ll notice the images resize, text move and eventually the main menu will change to a drop-down.  Or you could just view this website on your mobile phone.