Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

So, you have your amazing new website designed and developed.  Now what?

You want people to find you.  There are millions and millions of websites on the internet, so how will people find yours?  Most likely, it will be via a search engine such as Google, Microsoft Bing or Ask Jeeves
The easy part is getting your website listed with these search engines (if another site links to yours, they will find you eventually anyway).  The hard part is making sure your website is as near to the top of that list as possible.
You might find many companies on the internet making bold claims such as 'we guarantee you will be number one'.  Anyone claiming they can do this are using the site owners lack of knowledge against them.

One common trick is to give you some search words that the general user would never use to find your website.  Your site may very well be at the top of the list in that case (and they will make sure the search terms they give you will put your website at the top), but this is practically useless in the real world.

You have to think like a user.

Another trick some companies use is to re-arrange your page text to move certain keywords closer to the top.  This is all very good until your website no longer makes any sense, or repeats so often it looks like you are rambling!

Unlike many other web designers, we will design the website and advise you from the beginning on the basics of SEO, enabling you to get a head start on your competition.

Our unique content management system allows you to easily edit page content and meta tags, allowing you to develop an on-line strategy, as well as monitor website visits.

We are the SEO company you have been searching for and have proven experience in optimising a plethora of websites for search engines, in turn increasing sales and leads for your business.

A great looking website, that is Google friendly or feature rich eCommerce web design is a great base when creating an effective company brand image and presence. Such websites also are a very solid base for further growth. However, this is only part of the picture.

Search Engine Optimisation will help your website grow and involves attracting leads to your website, through higher placements in the organic, or free search listings. We will take a staged and organised approach to your SEO campaign

Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

Not all industries are identical, some are more challenging to compete. Any SEO campaign will initially involve correct keyword research. Keyword research allows us to build a list of phrases you can rank for and equally as important "convert" for. For instance, there is little point in a company ranking for a phrase that brings no traffic. It is much better to rank for a phrase that is relevant to their business and is searched for by potential customers. Rest assured, we'll choose the perfect keywords. This stage also involves competitor analysis where we will analyse your direct competition and/or similar websites - an important step when choosing keywords.

Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO, sometimes called Technical SEO involves us adding phrases, in a plethora of choice and meaningful locations to your website. We will analyse and update meta tags, set correct canonical links, create sitemaps, SEO urls and even use cutting edge developments in SEO such as Google's new rich snippets (to help your site stand out in the search engine result pages). If your website wasn't developed by us we will check for any technical issues that could hinder an SEO campaign. Essentially, we are creating a perfect base for search engines to read and include your content.

The onsite SEO process may also involve something called CRO, or conversion rate optimisation.  

Offsite SEO 

The final piece to any successful SEO project is offsite SEO. Google in particular uses page authority to assess how important a page is. A major way it determines this is through the number of important websites that link back to a certain website. Google values these links (or votes) from other important websites dramatically more. E.g. getting linked from a well know and respected community news site is better than a link from a free directory that contains thousands of other links. We'll look into building highly relevant and authoritative links to your site - always putting an emphasis on quality over quantity. It is these incoming links dramatically help your ranking positions. Creative Spectrum also only use "white hat" or safe and legal techniques to build links. It is this ethos that ensures our SEO client's website remain included in the search engines and are not removed or penalised. 

Analyse Results

At regular intervals we'll analyse the uptake of our changes and report back to you. This is done through ranking positions of certain keywords and looking at at metrics (some our own, other industry standard). The most important point to take away is that any SEO campaign cannot remain static and needs to adjust when a certain element is not working - SEO is a highly iterative process.

Cutting Edge SEO

Google frequently changes the way in which it ranks websites and the type of content it indexes. For instance, techniques that worked in the past will now get your website banned from search engines. Also, Google now displays a range of content types - not just websites - such as video, images, rich snippets, author photos etc. Creative Spectrum keeps up to date with these and if necessary, make adjustments to your website, so you don't have to.

No ethical SEO company can guarantee Google rankings. However, we can guarantee that:

  • your website will have increased visibility in Google
  • your website and content will be fully included in Google
  • your website will receive more relevant and targeted visitors
  • you will receive more interest in your goods and/or services

Our Services

Some SEO Myths

  • SEO is hard
  • SEO takes a long time
  • You need lots of content
  • You need years of experience
  • You need google insider knowledge

SEO - What Can We Do?

  • Full website reporting
  • Table-less layout designs
  • Our unique approach to content management helps keep your site clean
  • Advice on changes or basic additions
  • Complete re-write of existing websites - keeping the same design
  • Create and deploy an entirely new website