Website Hosting

Every web page on the internet has to be hosted somewhere.  This is how other people find your website!
We offer a range of hosting services starting from just £5 per month.  As your website expands, we can expand the hosting to fit.

All of our servers are Dell servers which we believe to be second to none.  Our platform is designed so that if one server fails for any reason, another server will automatically take over therefore ensuring that there is no downtime for your website

Our network is also configured in such a way that a hard disk can fail with no impact to data as there is a back-up disk on standby. Each of these pairs of server/disks are on separate power supplies, so a power cut on one set simply means the backup set will start working.

Finally, there is UPS backup to the entire site which will run the power until the diesel generators have warmed up.  These generators can run indefinately as long as we keep the fuel topped up! So, you can host with us in complete confidence that your website will stay online!

Our Nottingham Data Center is monitored 24x7 for security, perfomance and server status.  In the unlikely event that there is a problem with one of our servers, we will know about it first!  All staff access the building with secure key-fobs ensuring that no un-authorised access is possible.

Our Services

Unlimited Hosting

The ultimate hosting package!  Everything is unlimited, giving you complete confidence that you will never reach any limits!

Unbelievably, this entire package is just £10pm!  Compare that to other hosting packages, and we are sure you will agree that this is a bargain!

  • unlimited web space
  • unlimited per month bandwidth
  • unlimited sub domains
  • unlimited MySQL databases
  • unlimited email forwarding accounts
  • unlimited email auto responders
  • unlimited email distribution lists
  • unlimited mail boxes
  • Webmail (Access your email anywhere)
  • email summary