Bespoke Online Solutions

We specialise in designing and building online software solutions that are easy to use and adaptable. We can build you a bespoke software package to suit your needs for any purpose.

Online applications can include but aren't limited to:

  • Online and accessible from multiple sites
  • Applications for databases, eCommerce sites and quote engines
  • Once updated, everyone working from the latest version
  • Easily adaptable and scalable as required
  • Bespoke and built exactly to your needs
  • Access from anywhere as it sits online
  • Fast and easy to use

The Solution

You'll receive a one stop solution allowing you to manage your business effectively built with adoption, enhancement and further development in mind.

To begin with we make a detailed analysis of your business, current systems and establish what your new requirements are.

We will then prepare a detailed specification of the system requirements and design a bespoke solution to meet with your needs that will save you time and money and make life easier.

User Tools and Branding

Bespoke systems can incorporate:

  • Web based applications accessible from anywhere
  • Incorporate customer branding
  • User access control and encrypted for security
  • Data entry that is easy to use
  • User action log
  • Management of user accounts
  • Communication tools within the system
  • Data merging with existing systems
  • Reporting structures

We'll assist you in the design and development of the perfect system for your needs.

Why Web Based

Using modern technology businesses are better connected than ever before both in and outside the office. Many employees work away from the work place, particularly at home. Therefore the need for easy accessible tools from anywhere is paramount.

Therefore using the World Wide Web as a platform for software applications makes sense. Staff and users alike are quite familiar with web browsers interfaces and can easily adapt to new systems.

Below are some reasons why using web-based software for your business can help:

  • Save you time and money as no hardware or specialist software is required. The only requirement is a web browser and an internet connection of which every computer nowadays has included as standard
  • Accessible from anywhere not just the work place on various type of technology static PC, mobile units including some internet enabled mobile phones
  • Improvements and upgrades can be integrated easily and to everyone at once
  • Maintenance can be carried faster and remotely
  • Staff members are generally used to web based technology and therefore can learn and use new web-based software quickly
  • Approved customers can access your web based systems providing input information saving you time inputting data
  • Internet technology software based products can be adopted and upgraded easily
  • Remote maintenance easy and cost effective

The Prototype

Sometimes a customer is not exactly sure what they want from a bespoke system. They may not be used to having advanced systems in their work place and find it difficult to envisage what such a system is capable off and what it might look like. We are there to help them and guide them through the process. We recommend that the management get their staff to buy into the new system from the very beginning during the development process, and not introduce it at launch day and expect them to use without any problems.

We would encourage our customers to start with a small system and allow it to evolve. We build it with expansion in mind without having to return and rebuild components.

To help in the process we can provide the customer with a web based prototype of the new system giving the user a look and feel of what they might expect. The prototype can provide a visual demonstration of how the system could work bringing together all the requirements in a web browser format that can be navigated, but without any functionality in the background. This has proved to be very useful during the development process with the minimal of costs.

With the use of the prototype and all the requirements established a definite cost analysis can be confirmed.

After launch we encourage feedback from the users to help us to refine the system and add new features.