Here you'll find most of the answers to the most common questions regarding your website:-

I don't know anything about websites or web design. Does this matter?

Not at all.  Most clients have already scoured the internet and found websites that they like, or have features that they want.  This is very helpful to us as we get a very good idea of what your needs are.

How long will it take to get my business website up and running

Time scales vary depending on the complexity of your website.  In the majority of cases we can get you up and running in 2-4 weeks.

My budget is limited but I really want a website. Can you help

Contact us.  We can work to most realistic budgets and advise you on what will or won't be possible.

Do you write the content, design the logo and supply the pictures for my website

We don't write content.  We can advise on what your content should be, and give an opinion as to whether anything should be changed.  However, content is very much a personal thing that is better coming from you!

We can design your logo as part of the design process.  Any pictures for your website can be sourced, however certain pictures will have to be supplied by yourself either in digital format or high quality photos.

Do you offer a discount for not-for-profit and registered charities

We do offer discounts for charities and certain not-for-profit entities.

Can I start with a small website and expand it when my business requires it

Yes you can!  Our process and packages are designed to be expandable.

I don't like my current website. Can it be enhanced for a limited cost

We can work with existing designs (and often do) to make improvements and add features.

What are the ongoing costs if any

All websites have to be hosted in order to be seen!  For this we typically charge £50pa.  However, larger sites will use more space and therefore costs will vary.

When you host with us, we absorb the cost of renewing your domain name if we have purchased it for you.  In some cases, clients have already purchased their domain name - we cannot be held responsible for it's expiry!

What if i want some changes to the website later on

Not a problem.  If you have one of our CMS sites, you can easily make content changes yourself.  For layout or other changes, we charge very competitive rates.

How will people find my website

We will handle search engine submission.

Can you design my logo?

Yes.  We can help with many areas of business branding.