Content Management Systems

We have developed our own hand crafted CMS solution, that is highly flexible, fast and allows businesses to easily manage every aspect their website.

Instant website updates, without the costs.

CMS Websites are perfect for sites with many pages, multiple page layouts & companies who wish to update their websites when they require. A CMS website is the perfect way to ensure your site always has fresh content and ensures your company image remains that of an active and modern one. The system is extremely flexible, caters for all business types and allows site owners to manage a plethora of content types such as blogs, testimonials, pages, job listings, image galleries, and videos to name but a few. All this is done directly from your own web browser as no special software is required. 

Is our CMS platform right for your business?

There are a range of clients, from a variety of sectors using our platform. To name but a few, Estate Agents, Hotels, Photographers, Recruitment Companies and Corporate businesses all use our platform. In short, if your company requires an easy to update and flexible website, that will grow with your business, the Creative Spectrum CMS is right for you. 

Our platform is built from the ground up and based upon a highly modular approach. This means that adding a new section at a later date is simple, without the high development costs. There are no monthly fees with our solution, after the initial development cost, you can enjoy cost free website updating to ensure the system pays for itself very quickly.

An easily updateable website has never been so easy!

Having an easily updateable website is absolute key, our content management system has been built with ease of use in mind - we appreciate our users have varying skill levels and have ensured that the system is highly intuitive to use. In fact, we rarely find that training is required because clients simply login and start to use the system themselves. However, training & support is included in every CMS Website, as well as further training if required. Our clients find they are highly productive when using our platform due it's design and simplicity. Many CMS systems are focused towards technical users, our CMS is focused upon normal business owners, who simply want full control of their website. We are sure you would prefer to use your valuable time to update your site instead of asking technical questions.

Contact us to discuss how our CMS Website Systems can help you are your business.

Our Services

User Permissions

Granular user permissions - restrict users to editing only certain areas of your site.

Search Engine Friendly

Highly optimised content for search engines. Set your own SEO meta data. You have full control to drive traffic to your website. Search engines are updated as you add new content.

Rich Editing

Add content to your site with ease using our intuitive editor. Our editor is very similar to using Microsoft Word

Banner Manager

Easily promote your products & services with our easy to use banner manager.

Image Galleries

Maintain multiple image galleries directly from your CMS.