Why Is Responsive Design So Important?

It's hard to imagine, but it wasn't so long ago that mobile devices didn't exist!  In the early days of web design, designers and developers only had to focus on one or two screen resolutions.  Therefore, creating a website for fixed resolutions was easy.

Along came mobile phones that connected to the internet.  This opened up the possability of viewing your website at any time, but also created the problem of usability.  Having to zoom in to read content, scrolling left and right to read a page, and other issues that made mobile websites unusable.

Over the last few years, responsive web design has gained a lot of popularity.  It is now a fact that more mobile devices are used to view websites than the traditional PC.  Therefore, it is in your businesses interest to be able to reach this mobile audience.

In addition, search engines such as Google are now checking mobile usability and penalising websites that don't offer the best user experience.  Therefore, it is vital that your website is uniformly user friendly across all devices. By ensuring you have a responsive website, your ROI will be greatly increased. Businesses find it profitable to have responsive layouts.  If you have an eCommerce website, users should be able to view products easily and you will therefore attact more customers.

Creative Spectrum are well known for developing visually appealing websites that are easy to maintain and are compatible with the latest smart devices. By using our responsive web design solutions, you are ensuring that your content is delivered and accessed easily on all mobile platforms. Your website should be able to adapt and resize according to the screen size, regardless of resolution or the device you are using.

What do Creative Spectrum do?

We have created a handy mobile responsive tool so that you can check your website. If you find that your website isn't responsive, there are solutions available to you.  The first option will be to convert your existing website design to be responsive.  This isn't always possible and depends entirely on your current design.  The second option is to use our designers to redesign your website.

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